My New Book!

DeeDee Kiesow - Book Launch 2022

I am so excited that you have arrived at this page to see the newest project I have been working on!
My new book “Fundraising in the Post-Pandemic World Securing long-term funds in the face of uncertainty”

In my new book I share where the mindset shift can come so you can strategically work at breaking barriers to greatness and not merely work on the tactical day after day after day for mediocre results. The best strategies build your best donor portfolios by first architecting a plan based on where you want to be in the future. A solid fundraising plan based on the evidence illustrated in my diagrams allows you to dream bigger with confidence and enjoy your work. Chasing money, donations and volunteers is exhausting and often leads to disappointing results….

Download my new book, complimentary download for a limited time! 

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