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Dee Dee Kiesow uses the combination of her skills as a professional auctioneer with her 20 years of diverse experience of working with non-profit organizations to create memorable and record-breaking fund raising auctions. With her background as an Executive Director, an Event Coordinator and Chief Fundraiser for several Northern Cal non-profit organizations, Dee Dee brings a unique advantage when assisting fund raising auction clients.

Dee Dee’s career in auctioneering is equally enhanced from her training in television news and radio announcing. She feels comfortable with audiences of any size and with her vibrant personality Dee Dee is able to inspire audiences while having fun.


Dee Dee Kiesow is an author, professional speaker, trusted advisor, executive coach and nonprofit fundraising expert. Her versatility in numerous fields has prepared her to take an entrepreneurial approach to business and nonprofit management. She has experienced stellar results throughout her 25+ years in creating unique and innovative ways to generate income quickly using her marketing, sales, and love of closing a deal.

She has served as an executive director, board member, major gifts officer and founder for numerous nonprofit organizations.  She leads with strategy-first thinking and has raised tens of millions of dollars in her career.

Her latest book, Fundraising in the Post Pandemic World has received high praise as the ultimate guide to enrolling long term donors in the face of uncertainty.

She holds a degree in Journalism and a minor in Spanish from San Jose State University. As a guest lecturer to numerous universities, she encourages young talent to consider work in nonprofit organizations and is a mentor to students in this group.

Her speaking career includes dozens of seminars a year and has taken her across the country as a keynote speaker for The National Auctioneers Association, The Association of Fundraising Professionals, guest lecturer at numerous universities, and as a commencement speaker.

Much of her inspiration and profitable shortcuts came from the auction industry after she attended WorldWide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa. She is a trained auctioneer and holds the prestigious Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (BAS) designation. She is a trusted advisor and mentor to entrepreneurs, business owners, benefit auctioneers and development professionals. Keep in touch at DeeDeeKiesow.com

 DeeDee is ALWAYS there with wisdom, compassion and incredible insight. She has an amazing way of breaking down the science of fundraising into easy-to-understand methods which absolutely translate into deeper connections with patrons and larger revenues for non-profits. As a professional benefit auctioneer, I am honored to call her friend, teacher and mentor.”

George Franco

DeeDee Kiesow -The Six Figure Fundraiser

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